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Equine Science Update brings you news of advances in equine science from around the world.

Every day scientists make discoveries that could influence the way we treat and care for our horses. Eventually those findings will become common knowledge. But it can take years for some of that information to reach horse owners.

With Equine Science Update, you can learn about the advances as they are made.

We share your thirst for knowledge. We’re always on the lookout for interesting news especially if it has practical implications.  When we find it, we’ll bring it to you.

Our aim is to offer you information that you can apply to promote the health and welfare of your horse. It may be fascinating, surprising or just downright practical.

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Latest news:

How stressful is hyperflexion of horses’ necks?

Ponies on a severely restricted diet may consume considerable quantities of bedding, research conducted at Liverpool University Veterinary School demonstrates.

Research just published from the University of Sussex demonstrates that domestic horses use a sophisticated cognitive system to identify individuals of species other than their own.

Clydesdale horses would benefit from their owners knowing more about the likely causes of bog spavin, according to a recent report...

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Equine Science Update

Researchers have identified a single gene mutation that enables horses to perform gaits such as running walk and pacing.